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House and Land Clearing
Available Distantly

Negative energy or spirits in a property will have adverse effects on the occupants  causing emotional issues like anxiety and depression.  This negative energy also often causes physical symptoms such as tiredness and insomnia which can lead to illness. 


I can clear your house and land of negative energy or entities and close any portalways that allow spirits to come and go. I just need the address of the property to locate it in the Akashic Records. I will check in the records what needs to be cleared.  

Energetic issues with properties are usually to do with the previous occupants of the property or the location of the property. Regarding the location, the property may be built on a former burial ground, battle ground or sacred site. 

When I find what needs to be cleared I carry out an energetic realignment on the property by placing the clearing and realignment intent into the Akashic Records for that property's address.  Once this is done the clearing takes effect immediately.


 Fee: €150

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Just wanted to message you to say thank you for all the help you have given me. The energy of the house has completely changed.  Everyone has settled and are doing really well.  Everything feels very peaceful now. I can hardly believe the change in atmosphere in the house. It all happened so quickly. Life is good again. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.


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