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Integrative Soul Healing


Trauma disconnects parts of our soul. Integrative Soul Healing reconnects and integrates those missing parts.

It is advised to have a course of 3 sessions although single sessions can also be incredibly effective.

€85 per session or €225 for 3 sessions

when booked together.

In this remote healing session I look at shadow aspects held within the client's Light Body (chakras and aura). They are caused by one or more of the following: childhood trauma, ancestral or past-life trauma, an attaching soul, and soul loss.


When we experience trauma a part of our soul can fragment and disconnect from us. This leaves us feeling disempowered and with fewer energetic resources to create the life we want. It can also negatively impact our mental and physical health. 

The negative, unprocessed emotions which accompany trauma tend to lodge in our chakras and block them. During the session my Spirit team show me the story of how this trauma originated.  Then very high frequency light rays are channelled to the client which dissolve and clear these shadow parts.

Once the healing lifts out those blockages, the client begins to feel lighter and more motivated.  Everything starts to flow better for them because they have finally released lifetimes of emotional trauma and reclaimed the missing pieces of their soul.  The healing provides them with the clarity, energy and vision required to create a happier and more fulfilled life.

After the session when I give feedback to the client and tell them what I was shown, It usually resonates at a deep level and can trigger a further release of emotion.  It is important to allow this to happen, and some may continue to release emotion for days or (less frequently) weeks after the session.

I advise the client to lie down and relax at the agreed time for the session. They may feel energy moving in their body, see images or colours but even if they don't notice this, the healing is still happening.


I recently had a remote Integrative Healing Session with Frances, and it was a powerful experience! During the session I felt strong energy shifts in the heart area, and my body was incredibly relaxed as this was happening and remained so throughout the session. The hour felt like 15 minutes!

Frances contacted me immediately after the session as arranged and gave me details of what she had done. She was shown a past life of mine in which I experienced huge grief. The story really resonated with me and during the session I had felt the grief lifting out of my heart.

It was a great experience, and I would highly recommend having an Integrative Soul Healing with Frances. She is an excellent, highly intuitive practitioner.



I recently had an Integrative Soul Healing session with Frances. Sometimes things we are not aware of from past lives hold us back in this life. Knowing this I was curious to see what would show up.

The session was very relaxing and I picked up on a few things throughout. When Frances and I discussed the session afterwards my information and hers matched perfectly. She then gave me further information which connected with things in my life that she hadn’t known about me.

I felt a lifting during the session and now a few weeks later, I have much more energy and I feel great.  Frances is very gifted, and I would highly recommend her for any of the modalities she provides.



I had a remote Inner Child Healing session with Frances and all I can say is WOW. I lay down at the agreed time and I could feel the healing almost straight away. I went back to myself as a three-year-old girl. My body felt so light and floaty. After the healing I felt so tired, which is a sure sign powerful healing had occurred. I also felt lots of swirling sensations in my solar plexus and heart centre.

Frances contacted me after and explained more about the session.  I can’t thank her enough for bringing back part of my soul that had fragmented away all those years ago. I highly recommend Frances. She is amazing at what she does and is always so kind and caring.


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