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Soul Realignment (Akashic Reading)
Available via phone, zoom or your preferred platform

Understand who you are at soul level

Discover your Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose

Clear Karmic patterns that block you from realising your true divine nature

Learn what choices align you to your Divine Soul Purpose

The benefit of aligned choices is always abundance, such as abundance of health, money, physical and spiritual abundance.


Each soul is an individuated aspect of Divine Source, imbued with vital force energy derived from Divine Source. Our Soul Blueprint is the means by which we access vital force energy.

We are multi-dimensional beings so our soul is present in different dimensions at once. At the physical level of our experience we align to our Divine Soul Blueprint through choice.  Andrrea Hess, founder of Soul Realignment, emphasises that choice is not a thought or intention, rather an action.

When we make positive choices that align with our Soul Blueprint we can easily access vital force energy from Source but when we make negative choices we block our access to creative source energy and this is how we build up karma. 'Negative choices' do not mean bad choices. It just means choices you made that were not congruent with your Soul's Blueprint.

By taking positive actions we correct blocks and restrictions and realign to the flow of vital force energy from Divine Source. When we are in alignment with who we are at soul level, vital force energy pours in and we can achieve our goals with very little effort.  Whereas when we are not in alignment everything is much more of a struggle for us because we are going against our true nature and that takes a lot more effort. In order to understand what positive choices (actions) to make we need to understand the nature of our specific Divine Soul Blueprint.  The best way to access this information is via the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records is simply an energetic database that stores every choice we have ever made.  As a certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner I will ( prior to our session ) access the Akashic records on your behalf to gather information about your soul's Divine Soul Blueprint at origination before any negative choices were made.

I will find what negative choices you made that are now showing up as karmic patterns from both past lives and your present life. I also clear these karmic patterns for you before the session. The clearing I do, however does not activate until you give your consent during the session. In order to maintain the clearing there are two requirements; firstly I give you a little homework (which only takes a few minutes) for 21 days and secondly, avoid making choices which are incongruent with your soul's blueprint.

Clients find a soul realignment reading very accurate in the patterns that show up for them. They can see for the first time underlying energetic causes they had not seen before. It gives them very practical knowledge about what their unique gifts are and how to make positive choices and avoid karmic patterns of behaviour.

I personally found it very empowering as before I had my own Soul Realignment session I had doubts about many things in my life including whether I was on the right career path. I was so happy to find that I definitely was and it has confirmed for me that I was right to follow my passion ( because spiritual healing is my passion ). It also helped me to clear many karmic blocks, thus boosting my supply of vital force energy and creating space for inspiring opportunities and positive choices. 


Booking A Session

When you contact me to book a session I will ask you for a few details; current name, birth name, date of birth and place of birth. I will arrange a time ( with at least one week's notice ) to present the reading to you via phone, zoom or your preferred platform. Times given will be London/Dublin time zone.  I will record the session where I present the reading to you and send it to you so you can listen back to it.

Soul Realignment Session Fee: €160


Follow-on Soul Realignment Session

It is very unlikely that all karmic blocks and restrictions would show up in one reading as it would be overwhelming, so whatever shows up is what you are ready to clear at that time. Three to six months later you may be ready to clear further blocks in which case you might like a Follow-on Soul Realignment Session which would also include additional information on your soul profile such as finding out about your primary life lesson and to what percentage your conscious and subconscious self is connected to your higher self.             
Follow-on Soul Realignment Session Fee: €100

Life Situation Reading

You may have questions about problems or situations in your life in which case a Life Situation Reading would be perfect for you. I would ask you when booking the reading to provide me with the details of the situations you want advice on. I would then access your Akashic Records and get information about the underlying energetic causes and clear those. This is usually done as a follow-up to a Soul Realignment reading or I could combine it with an initial Soul Realignment reading for a small extra cost.   
Life Situation Reading Fee: €80


Life Lessons Reading

Before we incarnated we chose certain lessons that we needed to learn in our life. They are issues that we need to explore and understand in order to help us integrate our Divinity. Understanding what these lessons are and to recognise how they show up in our experience will help us to direct our focus in a more purposeful way to completing these lessons which will in turn reward us with a more abundant experience.     

Life Lessons Reading Fee: €80

Relationship Reading

The relationship reading can be done for any close relationships including romantic partners, parent/child, siblings, close friends or business partners. The reading will enable both parties to regard each other from a Soul perspective, to know why they have chosen to experience the relationship with each other, and to acknowledge and clear blocks and restrictions that may have been affecting the relationship 
Relationship Reading €160


Life Situation and Life Lessons Reading Fee: €140


A Soul Realignment session with Frances was recommended to me and I was very interested in having one. When she presented it to me, I really related to everything she said. It helped me understand the bigger picture of my life and my relationships with different people. Most importantly lots of clearing happened afterwards and my sense of self-confidence has boosted.

I’d highly recommend Soul Realignment to anyone who is curious. Frances is fabulous at what she does.


'I was blown away by the information Frances was able to tell me in my Soul Realignment reading. She was able to identify and clear karmic blocks both from the past and present. I am very grateful for the insight and healing I have received from this.'

Siobhan D. 


'I have never experienced anything so deep and meaningful in my life. It's even hard to describe how I feel afterwards. I feel like I have travelled through time, space, energy emotions, experiences in such a short space of time. It's putting it all together now, making positive choices to move forward, letting go of things that are not needed. Frances you have a very special gift and I am delighted to have been a part of it.'

Marie B. 

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