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Jesus - the Irish Druidic connection

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

The basis of Christianity is the Hebrew Bible yet the bulk of Jesus's life from the age of twelve to thirty, is missing from the Bible. In her book 'Jesus and the Essenes' Dolores Cannon accounts for much of this missing section of his life. We learn that the Essenes were possibly descendants of an Atlantean civilisation. They had a deep spirituality and a profound knowledge of Universal order. Jesus and John the Baptist were students in the Essene Mystery School.

Both the Essenes and early Christians believed in reincarnation but at the Council of Constantinople in 553 AD a decision was taken to omit the doctrine of reincarnation from the Bible. The Essenes were, of necessity a very secretive sect since their beliefs were seen as a threat to the Roman empire. To preserve their knowledge they recorded it on scrolls which they hid in caves in the area of Qumran by the shores of the Dead sea. It was only in 1947 that they were found by a local shepherd boy and they became known as The Dead Sea Scrolls. Despite this being a hugely important discovery the information they contained was largely suppressed by the Church because it conflicted with the official Biblical narrative.

Dolores Cannon informs us that Jesus did not come from a very poor family as we were taught. In fact his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea was one of the wealthiest men in the world. He was a tin merchant who travelled to all the known countries of the world and he brought Jesus with him. During his travels Jesus studied ancient teachings and sacred knowledge in universities and mystery schools such as at the large one in Glastonbury, England. Jesus, therefore learned from the Druids. In fact Dolores says 'these were one of the main people who taught him.' She also found from her research that the first Church was founded in Glastonbury (not Rome) and was actually built during the time Jesus travelled there though was not used as a Church until after his death when it was then dedicated to him and his teaching. The teachings of Jesus at that time were called 'The Way'.

For many centuries Britain was the only country in the world where tin was mined. Tin is the main alloy that gives us bronze, so the Bronze Age started in Britain. We know from ancient scholars that it was the Phoenicians who started mining tin there. Official history tells us the Phoenicians were from the Eastern Mediterranean and sailed to western Europe eventually arriving in Britain. Dolores asks the question 'how were they able to sail unknown seas, to a land they did not know existed and then dig for a metal which they knew nothing about?' Not only that but how did they know to mix it with copper to create bronze?

She says that 'before the Great Flood there lived in Britain an advanced civilisation with great practical knowledge of science. There are some who believe they were inhabitants of the lost continent of Atlantis.' One person who held this belief was the late historian Conor MacDari. He contended that Ireland was the original Atlantis and the homeland of the Phoenicians. D. Cannon says 'The Phoenicians were a mysterious race. They were tall men with red hair and blue eyes, not a Mediterranean people. Scholars have great difficulty tracing their origin.' Well perhaps their origin was deliberately concealed because 'history is written by the victors.'

One way their origin was concealed was by changing the spelling of the original name to 'Phoenician.' According to MacDari the name was originally spelt 'Finician' with 'Fion' or 'Fin' being the name for the Sun and the Finicians were the Druids, also known as the Magi or Sun worshippers. They had very advanced knowledge in all the arts and sciences and brought this knowledge all over the world where they set up universities. This is why Ireland is known as 'The Land of Saints and Scholars.' The ancient Druidic tree alphabet 'Ogham' is the oldest alphabet in the world.

Conor MacDari informs us that prior to the Roman invasion of Britain it was Ireland who ruled the British isles. The original name of England, Angeal-land contains the root 'Gael' which later became Angle-land and finally England. The Roman Church obscured the legacy of the ancient Irish Druids by commissioning the burning, looting and destruction of any evidence that would reveal the truth. Great libraries founded by the Druids were looted and destroyed. The most famous seat of learning in the ancient world was the Great library of Alexandria in Egypt. Close to one million precious scrolls from across the world were destroyed there.

The Romans further undertook a smear campaign against the Druids, falsely claiming they engaged in human sacrifice. Druidic teachings were misappropriated and re-told in both Christianity and Judaism. The ancient Irish and ancient Hebrew languages are remarkably similar. The Bible is full of Druidic symbolism eg., the harp, the tree, the fig leaf, the fish, to name but a few. Ancient Druidic festivals were turned into Christian festivals like Christmas which was a celebration of the winter solstice, the death and rebirth of the sun. The ancient Irish Goddess Brigid was turned into a Catholic Saint.

The Irish annals tell us that the Tuatha De Danaan, (tribe of the Goddess Danu) arrived in Ireland from islands in the north-west (from the Atlantic side) which were destroyed by a cataclysm. In 'The Irish Origins of Civilisation' Michael Tsarion informs us that the majority of ancient Irish texts dealing with the Druids remain, as they have for centuries, untranslated in Dublin archives. He says that any texts that were translated were done by Christian monks and that what was included in those translations is less important than what was omitted. He says these omissions 'would change everything we know about the history of Ireland and the world.'

One of my QHHT clients went to a past-life in ancient Ireland. He was a Monk tasked with keeping records of ancient knowledge. He made the mistake of writing down certain factual information that did not comply with official Christian teaching. Unfortunately my client couldn't give more details in the session about what that information was except to say what he recorded was 'the truth'. The punishment meted out to him was brutal and served as a warning to any other Monks who might make the same mistake. His right arm was cut off at the shoulder.

There are records in various cultures around the world of 'Seven Sages' or 'Shining Ones' who set out across the world to rebuild the 'former mansions of the Gods' following a catastrophic global flood. The Tuatha De Danaan were also called 'The Shining Ones' possibly because they were divine or semi-divine beings who were known as the 'Gods,' having more of a light-body than a physical body. One of these seven sages is thought to be the Egyptian God Thoth, also known as Hermes. He was often referred to as Thoth the Atlantean and he possessed sacred universal knowledge that was written on Emerald Tablets.. If Ireland was originally part of the lost continent of Atlantis, and is still known today as the Emerald Isle, then it would fit that the Emerald tablets came from Ireland/Atlantis. The 'mansions' refer to the megaliths, temples and pyramids that mark certain power points on the earth's energy grid.

After the fall of Atlantis the earth tilted on its axis and the crystalline energy grid was destroyed. The Seven Sages had to set out to find the new centre of the earth and create a new energy grid. The new centre of the landmass of the Earth was found to be in the exact location of where the Great Pyramid now stands. The Edfu building texts refer to these Sages as the 'Mound Builders' who came from a sunset isle. This is another way of saying an island in the west. These mound builders left instructions for how and where Egypt's temples and pyramids should be built and we know from ancient texts that they were all built on mounds. These Sages went all over the world laying down the blueprint for these sacred megalithic structures to be erected at specific energetic nodal points on the Earth's energy field. Interestingly one of the Dead Sea Scrolls known as the 'Temple Scroll' contains detailed instructions on how to build a temple. This adds weight to the belief that the Essenes were descendants of those survivors of Atlantis.

The purpose of creating this energetic grid was to channel life-force energy and to connect the Earth with the Heavens allowing for cosmic consciousness. These ancient structures are astronomically aligned to the stars. Those in Ireland are more accurately astronomically aligned than anywhere else probably because they are older and were built at a time when consciousness was at a higher level. It is truly incredible that Newgrange (older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids) is still perfectly aligned with the rising sun on the winter Solstice so that it shines in the roof box to illuminate the inner chamber.

'Around the entire world we find legends of a mysterious red-haired, blue-eyed race who brought with them gifts of civilisation, while red-haired mummies have been found all over the world, including New Zealand, China, Peru, Alaska and Egypt.' Anthony Woods. In 'Jesus and the Essenes' we learn that Jesus didn't look at all Middle Eastern and was described as having 'fair skin, blue or green eyes and red hair. ' An interesting fact is that the combination of red hair, blue eyes and fair skin is stereotypically Irish and is the rarest genetic combination on Earth. Less than 0.1% of the global population possess this genetic combination. This begs the question could Jesus have been a descendant of the survivors of Atlantis from Ireland?


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