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Etheric Implants and Negative Entities

Updated: Apr 13

What are Negative Entities?

Negative Entities are non-physical beings or energies that exist in the lower astral planes. They have no life-force energy of their own because owing to their malevolent nature, they have been cut off from Source. They desperately want to exist in the physical world and they do so by attaching to humans and feeding off their lower vibrational energy.

Negative Entities are sometimes referred to as Shadow Parasites since they feed off the shadow aspects of humans; those painful emotions that remain unacknowledged and suppressed. When we suppress difficult emotions and bury them they condense and cause blocks in our chakras. Entities can then attach to the chakra and feed off this dense energy.

Persistent negative emotions like fear, shame, sadness and anger produce low vibrations which provide a food source for entities. Note the term 'persistent', because all emotions are a necessary part of the human experience. They must however, be acknowledged, felt, processed and released. It is when emotions get stuck in the body that problems arise. They will eventually cause mental, emotional or physical symptoms.

How Negative Entities affect People

Negative Entities can cause a wide range of mental and physical illness, such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, hearing voices, addictions, chronic fatigue, pain and other physical symptoms.

What are Etheric Implants?

An Etheric Implant is a type of A.I. technology or device that can vary in shape and appearance. Sometimes they look electronic, like for example, a USB stick plugged into a transmission box or an MP3 player with antennae or wires coming out of it. Very often implants look like metallic objects. They can be silver, black or copper in appearance. They can look like spears, hooks, pins, coils, springs, and I have seen them look more solid, like metal plates or discs.

Sometimes Negative Entities place Etheric Implants into a chakra or chakras with the purpose of keeping that chakra stuck in a loop cycle where it continues to produce the same negative thoughts and emotions over and over again. Thus the chakra is producing a nice supply of negative energy for the entity to feed on.

The Implants tend to have a function similar to what their appearance suggests. Thus the more solid-looking ones are really blocking the flow of energy into and out of the chakra. Often the heavier-looking ones can cause physical pain. One client had severe lower back pain due to compressed discs at the base of her spine. When I scanned her Light Body I found a very heavy-looking metal chain laid across the base of her root chakra, secured by metal rods, bolts and screws. Her back pain instantly improved once it was removed, and six months later she has no back pain.

Taking Back Our Power

When we experience traumas in life, the pain and suffering can be very overwhelming and too much for us to process at the time. We often stuff down painful emotions, and eventually this energy condenses and creates breaches in our chakras. We then end up creating our reality from a much less empowered place, where we take action from a place of fear and limitation, rather than from a place of divine sovereignty.

In a sense we have to some extent given up our free will power to create the life we want. What Negative Entities do is simply take advantage of our weakened state and amplify it.

In an Etheric Implant and Entity Cleanse session, I will scan the Light Body (chakras and aura) for Implants/Entities, and with the help of my Spirit team, remove them. I then cleanse and upgrade the chakras and aura with high-frequency light rays. If you are interested in having a session click here.

As we have suffered traumas over many lifetimes, we may have layers of implants attached to us. I will only be allowed to remove whatever you are ready to release at that time, and more sessions may be required. An Integrative Soul Healing session will also clear trauma from past and current lives allowing for the release of Entities and Implants. For more information on this see the 'Services' section.

It is important to become more self-aware and conscious of what you have suppressed, or in the words of Carl Jung, there is a need to 'make the unconscious conscious'. The best protection against the dark is light, and knowledge is light. Hence the Greek sages taught that the first step towards spiritual mastery was to 'know thyself.'

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