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Rahanni Distance Healing

If you are unable to attend for a hands-on Rahanni Celestial Healing session it is also very beneficial if sent distantly. If you contact me by phone or text we can have a brief chat about why you want the healing. I would ask you to send me your photo to help me connect with you during the healing.

Then we can arrange a mutually convenient time for the session. You will be sitting or lying down, whichever is comfortable for you to relax. If you like you can have gentle spa music playing at a low volume. Have a glass of water nearby. During the healing you may experience hot or cool senastions, tingling or a feeling of energy moving in your body. Occasionally some people see lights or colours. Most people become relaxed when receiving the healing. Drink a few glasses of water immediately after and extra water in the following hours to help flush out any toxins that your body is trying to release.

I will check in with you afterwards to see how you are.


For more information about Rahanni Celestial Healing see

under Services or visit

Fee: €40 for 40-minute session plus feedback

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