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Etheric Implant and Entity Release

Negative Entities are non-physical, energetic Beings that feed off the shadow aspects of humans; those painful emotions that remain unacknowledged and suppressed. When we suppress difficult emotions and bury them they will condense and cause blocks in our chakra. Entities can then attach to us and feed off this dense emotional energy.

Negative Entities can cause a wide range of mental and physical illness such as depression, anxiety, addictions, pain and other physical symptoms.

An Etheric Implant is a type of AI technology or device that can vary in shape and appearance.  Sometimes they look electronic, like a transmission box with wires attached but very often they look like metallic objects. They can, for example, look like spears, coils, hooks or discs. 

Negative Entities can place Etheric Implants into a chakra with the purpose of keeping that chakra stuck in a loop cycle where it continues to produce the same negative thoughts and emotions over and over again. This ensures the chakra keeps producing a nice supply of negative energy for the entity to feed on. For more information on Etheric Implants and Entities see my Blog page.


The Session

Sessions are done remotely. During the session I scan the Light Body (chakras and aura) for any devices or attaching Entities and with the help of my Spirit team we remove them. Following this the whole Light Body is cleansed and upgraded with high frequency light. I will give you feedback afterwards by voice note or audio clip.

As we have suffered traumas over many  lifetimes, we may have layers of implants attached to us.  I will only be allowed to remove whatever you are ready to release at that time, and further sessions may be required.

€120 per session  1.5-2 Hours including feedback.

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