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A Past-life As A Yeti

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

The yeti is said to be a large hairy, ape-like animal that inhabits the snow-capped Himalayas. It is often referred to as the Abominable Snowman. Since it was never definitively proven to exist the yeti has largely been relegated to the realms of fable and folklore. It came as a surprise then when my female client regressed in her hypnosis session to a life where she was a yeti. As you will see from her description it differed a little from the common depiction of a yeti in that the face was more bear-like than ape-like and it had a long tail.

According to Wikipedia the yeti was often worshipped in Tibetan Buddhism. In their worldview the yeti was believed to be a non-human animal that is nonetheless evolved enough to be able to follow the spiritual law of 'Dharma'. This notion of the yeti being non-human yet possessing a much higher intelligence and sensitivity than other animals, fits in with my client's account of her life as a yeti.

In the following session extract C= Client and F=Frances (myself);

F: What do you sense or what do you see?

C: Snow. I'm on a mountain.

F; Can you look down at your feet and tell me what you are wearing on your feet.

C: (Laughs). I don't think I'm wearing anything.

F; Can you see your feet?

C; I think I'm an animal.

F; Why do you say that? Can you describe yourself?

C; It's like I'm one of those creatures in Tibet. What do you call them?

F; Can you describe what they look like?

C: They look like humans but they're covered in white or brown hair.

F: The yeti?

C: Yes, a yeti. That's what I am.

F: I see. Do you stand on two legs or on four legs?

C: I can go on both. It's easier on four as I can go faster in the forest but

I can stand up as well on two legs. And I have a very long tail. It's funny,

F: What can you see?

C: The mountains and trees, all covered in snow.

F: So are you standing on two legs admiring the view?

C: Yea.

F: Ok. Now I want you to go to where it is in that life you are viewing, where it

is that you sleep. And now you are there and you're looking at it from the

outside. What do you see?

C: A cave

F: So you live in a cave? Are you looking at it from the outside?

C: Yes

F: Would you like to go into the cave and see what it's like inside?

C: Yea, there are others who look like me there.

F: What do they look like?

C: Well, they're all hairy.

F: What colours are their hair?

C; Most of them are white.

F; What sort of a head or a face do they have?

C: It looks like a bear's but the nose is not protruding. It looks like between

a bear and a human.

F: But it is covered in hair?

C: Yes. It's very cold up here so unless you have plenty of hair you're

not going to last very long.

F: Are there many animals in the cave now?

C: We are not really animals. We are very intelligent. There are maybe five or six of us.

F: What colour hair do you all have?

C: Some of us are light brown and that's not good because they can see you in the snow.

F: Oh yes, you're not camouflaged. Which are you? Are you white or light brown?

C: I don't know.

F: Look down at yourself and see.

C: Yea, i think it's brown, dark brown. That's not good.

F: Oh dear, you'd be spotted in the snow then. And who would see you?

Who would pose danger to you?

C: People.

F: Do people hunt you?

C: Yes

F: Why do they do that?

C: Because we're special.

F: In what way are you special?

C: We can do things people can't do.

F: Like what?

C: Oh we can run much faster.

F: Yes. Is there anything else that makes you special?

C: We can do many things different from people.

F: Could you give me another example?

C: We're smarter and we live very secluded. We don't want to be seen,

F: Did you always live up the mountains?

C: As far as I know, yes.

F: Roughly what age are you, do you think?

C: I'm grown up.

F: You're an adult yeti. What about your parents? Are they alive?

C: They're somewhere else.

F: Did you leave them?

C: Yes.

F: Why did you leave your parents?

C: That's what we do.

F: How did you meet up with these other yetis?

C; Oh we all knew each other.

F: Ok. Do you get on well together?

C: Yea

F: How do you communicate with each other?

C: Oh we don't. We just know, we just

have to look at each other to

understand one another.

F: What do you eat?

C: There's not much food around.

F: No. Not in the snow, I wouldn't think so. So how do you survive?

C: We don't eat much.

F: Would you eat plants or animals?

C: We eat grass and leaves, but we don't eat much.

F: Do you not need to eat much?

C: No.

F: How do you find grass and leaves in the snow?

C: There are hidden places that go deep into the Earth. The climate is warmer there.

F: Oh, tell me more about that.

C: I heard there are openings into another place deep into the Earth but

I have never been that far.

F: Can you tell me more about that?

C: I only heard stories, that there is a whole city in there and people who live there.

F: Have you or the other yetis ever tried to go there?

C: No. We just go far enough to gather grass and leaves to eat and to store

for when there's nothing else to eat.

F: What do you drink?

C: Just melted snow. We make fires too.

F: Do you make fires to cook on or is it to keep warm?

C: No. We don't cook anything and we don't need to keep warm.

F: Why do you make the fires then?

C: Just to melt the snow.

F: Oh, to drink the water?

C: Yes.

F: So you never tried to go and find that place where people live inside the Earth?

C: No. We want to stay here but there are people who want to capture us.

I don't know why they want to do that.

F: Perhaps it is because you are quite a rare species and you would be a

curiosity for people.

C: Yea, to put on display!

F: And have they succeeded in capturing some of you before?

C: Yes, but we are very strong.

F: How would they capture you if you are strong?

C: I heard only stories.

F: What did you hear?

C: I think they have large nets.

F: Oh I see.

C: We like living in peace in the mountains.

F: What about any other animals? Do you have to worry about any other

types of animals apart from humans?

C: No. We're too big.

F: Nothing else would be of danger to you, would it not?

C: Only people.

F: As a species are you as old as humans on planet Earth or are you

there longer, do you know?

C: We're there longer. I don't know how long, a long time.

When I asked my client to move forward to an important day she jumped into another life where she was a man who also lived a secluded life high up in the mountains. Later in the session her higher self explained why she was shown both of those lives. It relates to her preference for nature and solitude. Also she has a lot of cosmic energy and can find it hard to adjust to the lower, denser vibrations of some of the people and places on Earth.

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