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Never Give Up

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

When we fail to achieve what we want in life it is easy to lose hope and give up. Then life can begin to feel like a struggle. It may seem like we are constantly swimming against the tide.

Dolores Cannon said we are here to attend the 'earth school' and everything that happens in our lives serves to teach us something. So when failures occur we need to look for the lesson. Sometimes it is only in retrospect that we realise that the goals we had set for ourselves were not in alignment with who we really are.

In a QHHT session one of my clients asked why he didn't get the job he had applied for. His higher self explained that while it was a well-paid, secure job it wouldn't expand him in any way. He needed to challenge himself more and use certain innate talents he had not nurtured.

The same client then successfully applied for a job that was starting on less pay and contract only but it challenged him and excited him, whereas the job he originally wanted would have become very repetitive and boring. He was then glad he hadn't got the first job.

A recurring message for clients in QHHT sessions is to 'trust and be' meaning stop worrying about the future and just know that you are supported and that life is happening 'for' you rather than 'to' you. When you understand that then you can shift out of victimhood, let go of disappointment and uncertainty and step into your power,

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